Teaching drones how to race

Drone racing is a challenging, high-speed sport, with elite pilots competing. We want to be the first to beat them.


We are RTB - Warsaw MIMotaurs.

We form a group of developers from University of Warsaw qualified for AlphaPilot - an autonomous drone racing competition sponsored by Lockheed Martin with over 2.000.000$ in prize pool.

We think we can win it. Join us in our journey.

Meet the team

Karol Pieniący - Team Captain

Worked with UAVs on flight critical software for both fixed wings and multirotors. Experienced in robotic competitions - URC 2017 and URC 2018 finalist. RC enthusiast who knows how to translate human pilot behaviour to autonomous software.

Paweł Goliński

Through experience at top AI companies like deepsense.ai and NVIDIA he managed to learn state-of-the-art computer vision techniques. Now he wants to use them to make the drones see the world around.

Jacek Łysiak

Physicist, FW developer, electronic designer and textual UI enthusiast. Since he's been interested in ML, tries to bring AI to the edge. Loves low-level stuff and knows how to exit vim.

Stanisław Morawski

In machine learning, he prefers elegant solutions over `More layers!` approach. His main interests are algorithms, machine learning and cybersecurity.

Piotr Padlewski

At Google, he worked on compiler optimizations in Clang, LLVM and Tensorflow. Drone Racing Pilot. Eats C++ for breakfast.

Michał Wiatrowski

The brain behind Guidance, Navigation, and Control of Martian Rover for URC 2018. Loves embedded systems and machine learning problems, but is extremely versatile and will fix any problem with any project.

Our sponsor

RTB House


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